VAD15 for Audi A3 (8P)

A revolutionary 52mm Can-Bus OLED Display for Audi A3 (8P) with custom air vent adapter.

Performance Monitor

High speed Can-bus integration gives you access to up to 33 fixed sensors that you can display in real time. Use the rotary control dial to swap sensors on the fly, set min and max warning values, and enable or disable warning popups.

VAD15 OBD2 supports all 2008 and newer ECUs that have an OBD2 interface. Sensor values available will differ depending from vehicle to vehicle

See FAQ for Supported OBD2 Values

1.5" OLED Display

Perfect blacks and bright contrast delivers the best readability, even in direct sunlight.

Configurable Views

Configure eight pages with up to six sensors per page. Choose from a variety of styles: numerical, analogue, line graph, bar graph, to display your data the way you want it.

Integrated Shift Light

Configure the integrated single LED shift light with 8 specific RPM settings and the colours of your choice.

An optional 8 LED shift light array is also available as an add-on with easy plug and play installation.

Optional shift light upgrade

Expandable Functionality

4 analogue inputs allow you to connect 0-5V sensors of your choice such as: oil pressure, fuel pressure, EGT, and boost pressure.

Universal Fitment

52mm diameter is compatible with most aftermarket gauge holders and can be integrated almost anywhere.

OEM+ Fitment

Custom vent pod adapter allows for seemless integration into your car's interior.
VADpro VAD15 for Audi A3, S3, RS3 (8V)
VADpro VAD15 for Audi A3, S3, RS3 (8V)
VADpro VAD15 for Audi A3, S3, RS3 (8V)
VADpro VAD15 for Audi A3, S3, RS3 (8V)
VADpro VAD15 for Audi A3, S3, RS3 (8V)
VADpro VAD15 for Audi A3, S3, RS3 (8V)

VADpro VAD15 for Audi A3, S3, RS3 (8V)

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- VAD15 52mm display with mounting bracket
- Vent mount for OEM vent

- Control Dial

- Wiring harness set

- Micro USB cable

- Quickstart Guide

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In general, it is possible to support all 2008+ ECUs that have a OBD 2 interface.

The following values can be displayed:*
- Speed (RPM)
- Engine load (Load)
- Fuel pressure (FuelPressure)
- Boost pressure (MAP)
- Vehicle speed (Speed)
- Ignition angle (IgnAng)
- Intake temperature (IAT)
- Air mass (MAF)
- Oil temperature (OilTemp)
- Fuel pressure relative to inlet vacuum (FuelRail)
- Water temperature (CLT)
- Lambda1-8
- CatTemp Bank1 Sensor 1 (CatTemp1)
- Cat temperature Bank1 Sensor 2 (CatTemp2)
- Cat temperature Bank2 Sensor 1 (CatTemp3)
- Cat temperature Bank2 Sensor 2 (CatTemp4)

*depends from vehicle to vehicle, which values the ECU sends out.

We continue to expand our list of supported ECUs. Please contact us at to make a suggestion.

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