Support & Documentation

Order & Dealer Inquiries 

Please email our sales team at for any follow up on your order status or to inquire to become a VADpro dealer.


Technical Support 

Your VADpro will be delivered wth the newest firmware available. For fast response to any technical questions regarding setting up and customizing your display you can contact CANchecked directly on these channels:

Facebook: CANchecked Support / Questions / News


Website: CANchecked Help Page & Downloads

User Manuals & Downloads

Note that all VADpro devices are CANchecked "Gen2" Units.

VAD28 / VAD32



Vechicle Specific Installation Instructions

Installation instructions and CanBus Setup

CANchecked DSS Software for VAD28 / VAD32

Your VADpro can be customized using the CANchecked Display Setup Software (DSS)

Download: Here



HOW TO Videos (more to come)

Basic DSS Operations and Widgets