OBD2 Cable for VAD15 - Universal
OBD2 Cable for VAD15 - Universal

OBD2 Cable for VAD15 - Universal


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This is the VADpro OBD II cable for the VAD15. With it the installation is done in a few minutes all OBD 2 values can be shown on the display! Also engine error codes can be displayed!

OBD2 socket assignment
OBD pin description Display pin
1 * Terminal 15 (ignition plus - not all vehicles) A5
4 + 5 Dimensions A1
6th Can high B2
14th Can Low B3
16 Permanent plus (12V)  

* If the CC22720 cable is used, pins 1 and 16 are not assigned, but are led out as a separate cable.

Can bus

The Can Bus settings must match the vehicle. By default, these are set that fit most vehicles:

  1. "Settings": Speed ​​= 500, CanTerm = ON

The display tests itself whether 11bit (Can2.0A) or 29bit (Can2.0b) identifiers are supported by the control unit.

Supported values

These values ​​are preset and cannot be changed:

  • Speed ​​(RPM)
  • Engine load
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Boost pressure (MAP)
  • Vehicle speed
  • Ignition angle (IgnAng)
  • Intake temperature (IAT)
  • Air mass (MAF)
  • Oil temperature (OilTemp)
  • Fuel pressure relative to inlet vacuum (FuelRail)
  • Water temperature (CLT)
  • Lambda1-8
  • Cat temperature bank1 sensor 1 (CatTemp1)
  • Cat temperature bank1 sensor 2 (CatTemp2)
  • Cat temperature bank2 sensor 1 (CatTemp3)
  • Cat temperature bank2 sensor 2 (CatTemp4)
  • Additionally 4 analog inputs

Analog inputs

In addition to the OBD2 values, sensors can also be fed in via the four analog inputs. More about this here:  Analog inputs

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