VADpro VAD28 for Audi 80 (B3 / B4) - Cluster
VADpro VAD28 for Audi 80 (B3 / B4) - Cluster
VADpro VAD28 for Audi 80 (B3 / B4) - Cluster

VADpro VAD28 for Audi 80 (B3 / B4) - Cluster

VP31050 / CC31050

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The Audi 80 Display – Perfect for Oldschool Enthusiasts

Why do you need an Audi 80 Display? We love old-school vehicles like the Audi 80. Whose heart doesn't skip a beat when they see a 5-cylinder S2 or RS2? These vehicles are incredibly popular, not least because of their enormous potential and the ideal body for engine modifications. This is where we come in.

Together with our valued customers Ron and Robert, who patiently supported us, we developed an Audi 80 Display. Our MFD28 - Multi-Function Display fits perfectly in place of the original onboard computer. Stephan from our design department designed a bracket that is screwed into the original mounting points – no cutting, no drilling. Of course, our shift flash module (available optionally) also fits perfectly in the dashboard with a specially designed housing, eliminating the need for the original outside temperature display.

Since our display features touch control, we needed a solution for switching displays. Thanks to the flexible inputs and outputs, it was possible to use one as an input and connect it to the original MFA lever of the Audi 80. We also use the RESET button to dim the display and shift flash for nighttime operation.

Key Features for Installation:

  • Audi 80 Display (B3/B4 including S2/RS2)
  • No cutting or drilling required
  • Mounting at the original fastening points
  • Reversible at any time
  • Optional shift flash module
  • Illustrated installation manual (available in German/English)

The slim design of the MFD28 board allows for such solutions. A specially made adapter for the dashboard is used to securely hold the display.

There is no need to cut or drill the dashboard itself, allowing for easy reversal at any time.

Additionally, we have integrated a shift flash that can be individually customized in colors and RPM thresholds.

Bring the full functionality and nostalgic charm of your Audi 80 to life with our Audi 80 Display. If you have any questions or need further information, we are happy to assist.

ECU support

Unfortunately, the original control unit does not provide any data, but you can use the 4 analog inputs to feed in data such as oil temperature and pressure, as well as boost pressure and fuel pressure.

Unlock the full potential of the display with a programmable control unit. If your control unit has a Can Bus, we support it: Ecumaster, MaxxECU, Megasquirt, Haltech, Emtron, Motec, etc. - even VEMS via RS232 is supported. This gives you access to all engine data, which you can visualize according to your preferences.

Scope of delivery

Included with every delivery

  • MFA28 Gen2 data display integrated in the cluster
  • Quickstart Guide
  • USB data cable
  • SD card (pre-installed in the display)
  • SD card adapter
  • Display foil (to prevent reflections)
  • two 1K resistors (to connect NTC sensors)
  • pigtail cables as well as pins for self-crimping

Connection and extension

Any sensors can be connected via the four analog inputs - we support linear 0-5V as well as NTC sensors.
Our in-house CANchecked Dsiplay sensors are stored in the TRI/TRX files by default and only need to be connected:

  • AIN1: Temperature sensor
  • AIN2: Transducer for exhaust gas temperature sensor type K
  • AIN3: Pressure sensor 0-10 Bar
  • AIN4: boost pressure sensor 0-5,5 Bar absolute

For the connection you can use our pre-assembled AIN wiring harness.

Beside the analog sensors you can also connect our external shift light with 8 LEDs. This can flash in different colors and the speed limits and colors can be configured directly on the display.

You connect the ethanol sensor directly to the display. You need a pullup resistor (10K) between 5V and signal. Then you can view and log the ethanol content and temperature directly on the display.

Advanced functions

With the Math-Channels you can calculate sensors with each other. The User-Table gives you the possibility to generate further sensors with 2D or 3D maps. 

Optional accessories

  • CC24000 SLM08 - external switching lightning module
  • CC22100 CBD08 - eightfold Can Distribution Hub
  • CC22902 NTC01 - temperature sensor for liquids 1/8" NPT
  • CC22903 TCC01 - type K converter 0-1250°C
  • CC22901 FLP01 - Pressure sensor 0-10 Bar (145psi) M10x1
  • CC22900 BST01 - Pressure sensor 0-5,5 Bar absolute (80psi)

Installation Guide

We provide an illustrated installation guide to make the installation process easy.

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