VADpro Documentation & Downloads

Quick Start Guides

VADpro VAD28/32 Quick Start Guide


Installation Guides

MK7 Golf Installation Guide


CANchecked DSS Software for VAD28 / VAD32

Your VADpro can be customized using the CANchecked Display Setup Software (DSS) 

Windows 7 Drivers

Windows 7 Devices will need to install these drivers:


VADpro SD-Card Contents (Updated 06-02-2022)

The original VAD-SD card contents. Note: This will revert your VADpro to factory settings without any widget customizations you might have created on your own. 


SD-Card Formatter

SD-Card Formatter 5.0.1 for Windows Download


VADpro Firmware

CANchecked Firmware Updater Tool

VAD28 Bootup firmware
VAD28 Gen 2.0 Units without flashloader Download
VAD28 Gen 2.1 Units with flashloader Download

VAD32 Bootup firmware
VAD32 Gen 2.0 Units without flashloader Download
VAD32 Gen 2.1 Units with flashloader Download

Canbus Protocol firmware


HOW TO Videos (more to come)

How to Flash New Firmware and factory reset your VADpro Device