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VADpro VAD28/32 Quick Start Guide


Installation Guides

MK6 Golf Installation Guide

MK7 Golf Installation Guide

BMW F22/F23+F30/31+F32/F33+F80/F82/F87 

BMW E9X Installation Guide


CANchecked DSS Software for VAD28 / VAD32
(Updated 10-14-2022)

Your VADpro can be customized using the CANchecked Display Setup Software (DSS) 

Windows 64bit:

Windows 32bit:

Mac OSX:

Windows 7 Drivers

Windows 7 Devices will need to install these drivers:


VADpro SD-Card Contents (Updated 10-14-2022)

The original VAD-SD card contents. Note: This will revert your VADpro to factory settings without any widget customizations you might have created on your own. 
AUDI & VW Download

BMW Download


SD-Card Formatter

SD-Card Formatter 5.0.1 for Windows Download


VADpro Firmware 

CANchecked Firmware Updater Updater Mac OSX (supports Gen2) 03/24/2022 Updater Windows 32bit (supports Gen2) 03/24/2022 Updater Windows 64bit (supports Gen2)



 Canbus Protocol firmware (Updated 10-14-2022)

CANchecked_v4.005_standard.hex Standard CAN bus (CAN2.0A/B)
CANchecked_v4.005_TP2.hex TP2.0/KWP2000 - Golf MK5/MK6, Polo 6R, Audi A4/A5 B8
CANchecked_v4.005_UDS .hex Golf MK7, Audi A6/A7 C7, Audi A6/A7 C8, Seat Leon 5F, VW Bus T6
CANchecked_v4.005_BMWF.hex BMW F-Series (F2x, F3x, F8x)

OBD2 via CAN bus (SAE J-2284)

 Firmware Reset to Factory

reset-to-default_GEN2.hex Resets the display to factory settings:
 only for v4.x displays
– deletes all licenses
– sets the TRI file to “XXXXXXX.tri”
– all settings to standard
– works for MFD28 and MFD32(S)


HOW TO Videos (more to come)

How to Flash New Firmware and factory reset your VADpro Device